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Our team model

Where skill and inspiration meet

We use a hub and spoke model for resourcing projects. Pia Williams is the owner and primary consultant, supported by a strong, connected and highly skilled pool of talented practitioners in various locations who we pull in to work as needed. 

We are a Sydney-based company, but run successful projects around the world. We have tackled client challenges in Australia, the UK, South Africa, Poland, Slovakia, South East Asia, USA, Colombia, South Korea, China and India. Innovation knows no boundaries!

Our story

6th Sense Innovation was created in 2008, a workplace for ex-corporate world 'refugees' with a desire to help shift organisations from feasibility-led new product development into truly human insight-derived innovation. 

We have worked on challenges ranging from beverage and financial services innovation to residential roofing and de-contamination in auto-assembly plants; from shopper marketing strategies across Europe and Asia to new opportunities in the snacking arena. We have designed best practice complaints-handling operating models, healthy and hygienic workplace frameworks for multinationals,  and identified opportunity areas in residential solar 10 years from now.

In her 'spare time' Pia (founder of 6th Sense) has recently undertaken and attained post graduate certification in Biomimicry at Arizona State University, USA. She has designed a unique hybrid nature-centred design model for innovation for client projects that truly seek to disrupt paradigms and create sustainable, smart, solutions.

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